About trading platform

About the platform

Electronic trading platform of Titan-2 – an electronic platform of JSC Concern Titan-2 provides its participants – organizers of the biddings and potential suppliers with the functionality allowing to carry out procurement procedures on delivery of goods, performance of works, rendering services in electronic form, and also to take part in them by provision in the automated electronic format of applications for participation, price offers, offers on qualification selections of suppliers of goods, works, services.


The functionality of the electronic platform provides:

Holding procurement procedures of various degree of complexity with a possibility to carry out qualification selections of participants and re-biddings.

Creation of common information space and infrastructure connecting bidding organizers and suppliers structured by regional and industry attributes, by the nomenclature of delivered material resources, works, services, by amounts and delivery terms and conditions. Participation of both Russian, and foreign companies in open transparent public procurement procedures with the right to obtain in a convenient unified format all exhaustive information on the procedure and the subject of procurement, results of the procurement procedure, information allowing to estimate objectivity and legitimacy of carrying out and results of such purchases. Timely receipt of information on the planned and current purchases of bidding organizers – on projects of foreign and international purchases. Reduction of prices of the purchased goods, works, services due to creation of competitive environment, increase in a pool of suppliers, an exclusion of inefficient intermediaries.

Implementation of monitoring of a market situation both by bidding organizers and by suppliers.